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To contact one of our clinics or to schedule an appointment: 901-752-6963

To cancel an appointment, please call the Cancellation Line 24 hours a day: 901-751-5572​

Insurance Plans

Most Health Insurance Plans work with us.  Please have your insurance card available when you call to schedule an appointment and when you arrive at the clinic to receive medical care.  Our staff will need your current insurance information before we can schedule your appointment.

Co-payments and deductibles that apply to your insurance plan are due upon receiving medical care.


At BMG Family Physicians Group, we extend care to members of most major medical plans. We are providers for most major insurance companies in this region. For the convenience of our patients, BMG Family Physicians Group staff will assist in filing all primary insurance claims. 

Please notify us of any insurance changes. Many insurance companies do not cover certain benefits such as preventative medicine, complete physicals, etc. It is your responsibility to check with your insurance company to verify what benefits are covered.

​Any uncovered benefits become the responsibility of the patient. Arrangements can be made in advance for patients with special financial circumstances. If you are scheduled for any diagnostic or outpatient testing, it is your responsibility to inform us of the facility your insurance requires you to use.